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Humanist Discussion Group

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Humanist Discussion Group

The discussion group meets monthly starting in November, 2019 and continues into the spring. There will be 6 topics - one per month. Meetings will be held after church at 11:30 am, lasting about an hour.  The room to be determined but will be announced a week prior to the meeting.  Remember, ALL are welcome, Humanist or not!

Questions?  Please contact Len Yutkins or the Murray Church office.


“What world-changing idea, big or small, would you like to see implemented by humanity?”  And why?

  • Date: Sunday, November 17
  • Time: 11:30 a.m.
  • Place: Harmony Hall


  1. “Tolerance is not an excuse for doing nothing.”
  2. “Tolerance does not mean acceptance or indifference.”
  3. “We believe in the toleration of religious ideas. All religions, in every age and culture, possess not only intrinsic merit, but also potential value for those who have learned the art of listening.”  

The first two quotes are from the book "Anti-science and The Assaualt On Democracy,"  and the third is from the UU pamphlet “What UU’s Believe.” Discuss: Are we too tolerant?  What can we as Humanists do?

  • Date: Sunday, December 8
  • Time: 11:30am
  • Place: Harmony Hall

(date/time & location to be determined)

“We believe in the necessity of the democratic process.  Records are open to scrutiny, elections are open to members, and ideas are open to criticism – so that people might govern themselves.”  From “What UU’s Believe” “Sustaining democracy seems incompatible with saving the planet.”  From "Anti-science and The Assaualt  On Democracy." Is majority rule always the best way to make decisions? If not majority rule, what? Are there other methods to decide issues? What are they? What can we as Humanists do?

(date/time & location to be determined)

Should people be allowed/free to act on their beliefs? Should all beliefs/opinions be treated as equals, i.e., do all opinions have equal weight? If all beliefs are not equal, who decides which opinions are more important or carry more weight?  The Humanist Statement of Principles states “We deplore efforts to denigrate human intelligence, to seek to explain the world in supernatural terms, and to look outside nature for salvation.” What can we as Humanists do?

(date/time & location to be determined)

Who sets the curricula of our schools?  Educators?, Parents?, Politicians?, The Public? Who should set the curricula? What should be taught and why? What about RE? What can we as Humanists do?  

(date/time & location to be determined)

Rene Descartes posed an interesting question: “What path shall we take in life?” Do we have choices?  Are we limited by nature or our environment?  Do we consciously choose the path we take? How do we as Humanists become more active?



Monday Night Yoga at Murray

yoga.jpg  Monday evening yoga continues on a regular basis, except for some holidays and other rare occasions. We meet at 7 pm in the John Murray Room and end by 8:15 pm. If you're looking for stress relief or to improve or maintain flexibility, gentle yoga could be for you. We've been doing yoga to the same video for years and, though our numbers are small, we're still at it. There's a certain comfort to our yoga routine that allows us to relax and "get into the groove!" And it gives us a good start to the week. All are welcome. Dress in non-restricting clothing and bring a mat, towel or blanket, and water as needed. Please contact Barbara Clark or Charlie Adler, before attending the first time or if you've been away for a while.


Please check the Murray Notes newsletter for all Adult Religious Education opportunities.