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October, 2018
September, 2018
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October 7, 2018  "13 Thanksgivings"  presented by Loren Spears, Exec. Director of the Tomaquag Museum

On a weekend where the nation officially recognizes a 15th century explorer, we honor the continent's Indigenous Peoples. Loren Spears, Executive Director of the Tomaquag Museum, will deliver the homily. Located in Exeter, RI, the mission of the Tomaquag Museum is to educate the public and promote thoughtful dialogue regarding Indigenous history, culture, arts and Mother Earth, and connect to Native issues of today.

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September, 30, 2018  "John Murray's Wife Judith: A Feminist Firebrand"  by Rev. Gretchen E. Weis

It's John Murray Sunday. For it was on September 30, 1770 that John Murray first brought the message of universal salvation - that there was no hell or eternal damnation - to America. As we pause to celebrate the man for whom our church is named, let's turn some attention to his wife, Judith Sargent Murray. Like most women of her time, she was shut out of a formal education. Yet she became a self-taught playright, poet, and an essayist. As one of America's first feminists, she advocated that women were also capable of intellectual accomplishment and should have the right to achieve economic independence. May we lift up and celebrate how outspoken and ahead of her times she was for 1790.

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September, 23, 2018  "Civility Matters, Character Counts" Rev. Gretchen E. Weis

Social media turns 15 this year, which means our teens can't remember a world that didn't include the likes and dislikes of Facebook. It also means many of of our young people have grown up experiencing nasty, disrespectful and outright cruel communication as the new normal in the public sphere. Between social media and our current national leadership, I mourn the loss of civility, don't you? Our faith calls us to right relationship with ourselves, with one another, and with our larger community - to treat others, as well as ourselves with respect in honor of the inherent worth and dignity of al all people. Civility matters, kindness and respect matter, being of good character counts, now more than ever.

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September, 16, 2018  "This is Us: The Murray Church Story" Rev. Gretchen E. Weis

As we start our new church year, we reach back across the generations to celebrate the story of us -- to recognize the rich threads of innovation, generosity and tradition that have woven together throughout the years to create the beautiful fabric of our shared church life, together.  This won’t be a recitation of names and dates, but rather a collection of amusing stories that reveal a lot about the character and culture of this wonderful community.

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September 9, 2018  "Ingathering, Water Communion" by Rev. Gretchen E. Weis

We gather once more to begin a new church year together.   All are invited to bring water samples, symbols of how we spent our summer, to add to our shared communal bowl.  It doesn’t matter where your water sample comes from – half a world, or a state or two away, or from the kitchen sink or the garden hose in your own back yard.  All water samples are welcome.  It is good to be together once again!  


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