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October 20, 2019  “The Practice of Forgiveness" Guest Minister Rev. Jim Robinson

We welcome Rev. Jim Robinson to the pulpit today as we explore forgiveness from four angles: forgiving others, asking to be forgiven, forgiving ourselves and forgiving life. The practice of forgiveness is essential for a spiritual and moral life.

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October 13, 2019  “A World in One Piece/Peace" Guest Speaker Allison Hess

Please join us this week to hear guest speaker Allison Hess, UUA International Engagement Associate at the United Nations.  Allison will share with us the many initiatives our UU organizations are involved with to further the work of world peace.  The Unitarian Universalist Sixth Principle calls us to come together to work for a world community with peace, liberty and justice for all. This United Nations Sunday service will delve into what it means to work towards peace locally and as part of an international body like the United Nations. How can people of faith answer the call to defend human dignity and rights?

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October 6, 2019  “You Are Beloved" by Rev. Gretchen E. Weis

It was almost 250 years ago that John Murray first preached the messages of Universal love and forgiveness on American shores at Thomas Potter’s little chapel in Good Luck, New Jersey.  At a time when our world is so divided by politics, fear and hate, let’s dive a little deeper into the messages of love and hope that Universalism brings.     

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September 30, 2019  “Get Lost! (And Open Yourself to Discovery)” by Rev. Gretchen E. Weis

Most of us stick to familiar routines – we travel the shortest route from Point A to Point B to make good time. How often are we willing to get lost? To travel off the beaten path and dawdle for a while in the unfamiliar? Getting lost, stepping out of our comfort zones, can open us to new discoveries. The Bible talks about time spent in the wilderness as transforming experience. Henry David Thoreau encourages people to get lost in the woods. He writes, “Not till we are completely lost, or turned around…do we appreciate the vastness and strangeness of nature. …Not till we have lost the world, do we begin to find ourselves….” This Sunday, we celebrate the dedication of our Green Sanctuary nature trail in the back woods of our church. May this place of peace and beauty help nurture our spirits!

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September 22, 2019  "The Pursuit of Happiness" by Rev. Gretchen E. Weis

America’s Declaration of Independence declares the pursuit of happiness as one of our inalienable rights.  Yet, recent research has found that Americans are not among the happiest people on earth.  Researchers for National Geographic traveled around the globe, exploring a number of different peoples and cultures, identifying “Blue Zones” -- areas where people report living lives of deep satisfaction and joy.  What secrets do these Blue Zones have to teach us about happiness?    

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September 15, 2019  "Humility: A Call to our Better Selves" by Rev. Gretchen E. Weis

Humility.  It is one of the seven virtues -- an invitation to connect with our best, highest selves. Humility reminds us we don’t know all the answers.  We are invited into lifelong learning, encouraged to open ourselves up to other points of view.  Humility asks us to transcend the self-centered focus of our consumer-based culture, as we come to value our lives as interdependent parts of something much larger than ourselves. 

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September 8, 2019  "Annual Water Ingathering Service" by Rev. Gretchen E. Weis

We gather once more to begin a new church year together.  It is good to be together once again!  All are invited to bring water samples, symbols of how we spent our summer, to add to our shared communal bowl.  It doesn’t matter where your water sample comes from – half a world, or a state or two away, or from the kitchen sink or the garden hose in your own back yard.  All water samples are welcome in our ingathering bowl.

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September 1, 2019 "The Music Lesson" presented by Ruth Debrot

A musical instrument that lies on the ground makes no sound. It is a musician who must bring “Music” forth. What can Music teach us about our lives? As humans, all of us are musical in some way. The thing is, many people let notes and rhythms get in the way. Join me and explore how Music, on many levels, can be a metaphor for life and living.

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