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Grounded in Love, Building a Joyful Community of Service and Generosity

To all of our Murray Church members and friends

Why Should You Pledge?

Murray Church is an independent, self-supporting church.  This means that the vast majority of funding comes from donations the church receives from church members and friends. The only way that our church and its programs exist is through generous donations from you!

What is a Pledge?

A Pledge to Murray Church is a promise that you will donate a certain amount of money during the given church year, from July 1 to June 30.  A Pledge is different from putting money in the offering plate on Sundays because your pledge enables the Murray Executive Board to plan and budget for the coming church year.

How Do I Pay My Pledge?

Your pledge can be divided into any number and any size payments you choose and can be delivered by check, cash, or via our eGiving Platform, Realm.  eGiving accepts payments from your checking/savings account or debit/credit card. You can give to Murray in person during the Worship Service or online at any time using your phone, tablet, or computer.

How Does Murray Church Use Pledge Funding?

Our expenses fit into four main categories:

  • Staff Salaries: One full-time minister and four part-time staff including the Director of Lifespan Religious Education, Director of Music, Office Administrator, and Contract Sexton.
  • Programs: Child and Adult Religious Education, Music, Social Concerns and Outreach Events, etc., as well as, denominational support.
  • Operating Expenses: Telephone, internet, electricity, heating, office equipment, and supplies.
  • Building maintenance and repair.

How Much Should I Pledge?

Any amount that you can!  Everyone’s pledge counts, no matter the size. Most pledge between $150 and $200 per month. The amount you pledge is a personal decision based on your personal finances and your sense of commitment to the church. If you made a pledge commitment last year, please consider increasing your pledge by 5% or more if you are able. Pledges account for more than 70% of our total revenue.

How to Make Your Fiscal Year 2023-24 Pledge

The fiscal year is July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024

Pledge Online:

See the Previous Year’s Pledge Amount Using Realm Online.

IMPORTANT:  Did you set up your Realm Account?

If Yes: Go to Realm and sign in
    • Enter your Email Address.
    • Enter your Password.
    • Click on Sign In.
    • Go to the Giving Page to see your Current Year Pledge amount.
If No: You can set up your Realm Account now!
    • Go to Realm
    • Click on Register Now at the bottom of the web page.
    • Enter your Email Address.
    • Create Password.
    • Click the Check Box next to “I’m not a robot”.
    • Click on Register.
    • Go to the Giving Page to see your Current Year Pledge amount.

Don’t want to Sign Into Realm?

The Stewardship Team just emailed your Pledge Statement for Fiscal Year July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023; which includes your Annual Pledge amount.

Make your Pledge. Use this Pledge Form

This pledge can be paid in any increment on any schedule you choose – weekly, monthly, quarterly, or one lump sum.  Murray Church takes checks, and cash (in a labeled envelope), electronically from bank accounts and debit/credit cards. Please use the contact form below if you have questions.

Thank you for your ongoing financial support of this church!

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