March Update to our Murray COVID-19 Protocol

Russet Morrow, President In March of 2020, we made the very difficult decision to close the church to keep everyone a little safer. Since then, we have gone through multiple stages – employees working from home, ZOOM meetings, social distancing, wearing masks even while working in the church gardens, vaccinations, boosters, feeling a little safer, more social distancing, new variants, more deaths, more social distancing, meeting outside for September services, more social distancing, gold ribbons blocking half the pews, required masking throughout our church, Murray Church purchasing N95...

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Church News and Updates

Sunday, May 15

The Creep of Culture Wars: What Can We Do? Nineteen states out of 50 have passed laws making it harder to vote. Florida, Oklahoma, Utah and Iowa all passed anti-LGBTQ legislation last month. Thirteen states have passed strict anti-abortion laws....

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