Black Lives Matter Vigil

Saturday, Feb. 20, 10 a.m.

I know everyone is tired. We have lived through the primaries, the election, the insurrection, and the impeachment — isn’t it time to rest? Isn’t our work done? No, our work is not done. Racial disparity didn’t end with the last administration.

We need to continue the conversation. We need to continue to engage people,  We need to discuss shifting resources from police departments to allow social workers and health professionals to handle some of the nonviolent crimes. We need to have conversations about White Supremacy, what it is and how it manifests itself. These activities can be done one-to-one but as a loving, welcoming community, we must continue to dialog amongst ourselves, become more educated through our book clubs and show the rest of the community through our vigil that Murray cares, and we want to bring an end to White Supremacy.

Please bring your sign, your energy, and your passion to our Black Lives Matter Vigil Saturday, February 20th in front of Murray at 10:00 a.m., because Black Lives Still Matter!


Black Lives Matter

Join the Conversation – more opportunities to learn more about the experience of people of color and to do better in conversations about color and race.

We will continue our journey of listening & learning, of asking & understanding. Please check our Church News page. More conversation opportunities will be posted in the Murray Notes Newsletter.

We will grow together.  We join together to move ourselves, our community and our world to better realize our UU Principles and to create greater opportunity for all of u.

Hanging the Black Lives Matter Banner

November 18, 2018

We hung our Black Lives Matter banner on Sunday, November 18, 2018, as a statement of our religious values, and to encourage all in the community to “Join the Conversation.”

Several elected officials joined us as we unveiled our Black Lives Matter banner. From left: Rev. Gretchen, State Representative Jim Hawkins, State Senator-Elect Becca Rausch, Social Concerns Chair Bruce Field, and State Senator Paul Feeney.

Church News and Updates

Sunday, May 15

The Creep of Culture Wars: What Can We Do? Nineteen states out of 50 have passed laws making it harder to vote. Florida, Oklahoma, Utah and Iowa all passed anti-LGBTQ legislation last month. Thirteen states have passed strict anti-abortion laws....

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