Social Concerns Committee

Murray’s Socal Concerns Committee was created as an offshoot of our continued involvement with Social Concerns. Members are needed to build and strengthen Murray Church’s commitment to social action, locally, regionally, and globally. We welcome new members to our committee to discuss and devise ways for us to live out our Unitarian Universalist values What social issues need Murray’s action? Join Social Concerns Committee to be part of the solution.

  • Anti-racism: Black Lives Matter
  • Climate Justicce
  • Protecting voter rights
  • LGBTQ rights
  • Food insecurity
  • Book Group
  • Humanist Discussion Group
  • Soul Matters
  • Bible Study
  • Yoga
  • Writing Group
  • Anxiety & Depression Support Group
  • Living in Covid Times Support Group

Church News and Updates

Speak-Easy topic: Workers and Religion

Speak-Easy topic: Workers and Religion

Speak-Easy Discussion Group, Sunday, March 12 As of this year, the Supreme Court announced the next religious privilege case they’ll take up — Groff v. DeJoy. Groff, a postal worker, was disciplined for refusing to work on Sundays. He attempted to...

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