Alfred Hitchcock Movie Screenings

Feb 7, 2023 | Events, News

Three dates, February 24th, March 10th, and March 24th

We plan to go chronologically starting with The Lady Vanishes, on February 24, from when he was a British director.

Next up on March 10. The next movie we will show will be the 1941 Shadow of a Doubt, which is one of his early American movies.

The third movie, March 24, to be announced is somewhat undecided, but we are leaning toward Rear Window.

Admission is free. Bring your friends and family. The screenings will take place in Unity Room.

At each screening, we will talk about his life, his techniques, and his directorial style. We’ll talk about the movie both before and after the showing.
Please bring your own beverage. We will be selling popcorn and snacks.


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