Advocacy and Service

Advocacy & Service is a Social Justice group of Murray UU Church whose mission is to create a better world in which to live. This is accomplished through educational programs, volunteering for community-based programs that improve the local community and to support financially, with our voices, and our actions, the global effort to create a just world. Some of our goals are:

  • To provide opportunities for members and friends of the congregation to participate in social service projects, including collecting money, donating food and clothing, and    supporting area shelters and youth programs.
  • Enable members and friends to witness about social issues, including writing letters and visiting elected officials, writing letters to the editor of our local newspaper.
  • Develop public statements in the name of the committee or where appropriate, in the name of the congregation.
  • Use the special talents of congregation members to implement change.
  • Ensure that the congregation building is used to facilitate social change: open building for community groups, allow controversial groups to meet.
  • Suggest the congregation’s financial resources are used for moral ends: ethical investing of endowment funds; fundraising for community projects.
  • Strengthen alliances with area organizations such as Resource Center, Project Bread and Council of Churches.


Black Lives Matter

Join the Conversation – more opportunities to learn more about the experience of people of color and to do better in conversations about color and race. We will continue our journey of listening & learning, of asking & understanding.

Climate Action Team

Green Sanctuary

The Green Sanctuary Program provides a path for congregational study, reflection, and action in response to environmental challenges..


Welcoming Congregation

LGBTQ+ rights

Murray UU Church is a Welcoming Congregation we welcome all gay, lesbian, bisexual, and/or transgender persons. We intentionally accept their contributions to our congregational lives.


Social outreach

Murray’s Social Concerns Committee was created as an offshoot of our continued involvement with social action, locally, regionally and globally.


Food Pantry

We are an all-volunteer-run outreach program of Murray Unitarian Universalist Church. This service is provided by the generosity of the church members and  friends in the greater Attleboro community. We are open for grocery bag distribution two days a week on Mondays & Thursdays from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.


Church News and Updates

Sunday, October 1

Sunday, October 1

The Science of Awe Emotions have not been studied scientifically for very long. The first studies centered around the emotions of fight or flight. This had an impact on our understanding of physiology, psychology, and social theory. But recently...

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Sunday, September 24

Sunday, September 24

For the Dignity of the Human Being I think Jesus was a humanist. Some of the best scholarly minds have stated that Jesus simply referred to himself as a human being. When read in this context, the Gospel According to Matthew 25:31-46 comes alive....

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