Lessons from the Pandemic

It was three years ago when our lives were turned completely upside down by a global pandemic. Schools, stores, restaurants, movies, theater, travel, sporting events, music events, and yes, even churches, were closed down. People hunkered in place hoping to “flatten the curve” of rising Covid cases. Yet cases continued to climb as the death toll here and abroad reached horrifying proportions. The hope vaccines would bring was still more than a year off. We couldn’t foresee the level of disruption Covid would play in our lives, as it dragged on for years. What did the experience of living through this time of fear, isolation, social distancing, masking and the rise of Zoom teach you? Rev. Gretchen will lead as other voices also share their hard-earned lessons from Covid.

Worship is at 10 am Sunday mornings. If you prefer — or if you are feeling sick — please log on to Zoom from the comfort and safety of your own home to be a part of our worship experience.

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