According to the CDC, Bristol County remains low this week based on the number of new Covid cases and hospitalizations. Murray will continue to offer both in-person worship and hybrid worship over Zoom to meet the various Covid concern needs of the congregation. Church committee meetings can also be held in-person, hybrid, or over Zoom, as people prefer. If you feel sick for any reason – please stay home out of respect for others.  We don’t want you to bring germs to church!  We encourage you to participate over Zoom, instead.  Other considerations:

  • Masks are not required indoors at Murray at this time but are certainly recommended for anyone living with their own, or a loved one’s health risk.
  • Masks and hand sanitizers are available at the back of the sanctuary. Additional hand sanitizers are scattered throughout the church.
  • Social distancing is not required at this time but is encouraged for any who feels they need the protection of distancing. Before you sit down close to someone, please ask them if it’s OK for you to sit closely, or if they prefer to distance you.
  • The CDC continues to recommend air circulation. As we enjoy this nice fall weather, we will continue to open doors in the sanctuary to facilitate airflow.
  • Murray folks can be a really huggy crowd. As we regather, let’s recognize not everyone is ready to resume close physical contact yet, including hugging. Before hugging, please ask for permission first, out of respect for others’ health concerns.  Bumping elbows remains a safe, happy alternative.
  • As members of a covenanted community, we will continue to honor and respect one another’s different choices in the need to take good care of ourselves, as we also take care of one another.
  • Our Covid Safety Task Force will continue to meet throughout the church year to update guidelines, as needed.
  • We are a people rooted in science. All are encouraged to use Covid home testing on a regular basis.  If you begin to experience symptoms, please consider getting a PCR test to know if you are Covid positive and infectious, and isolate for at least five days. If you have caught Covid, please let the church know, so we can stay in touch and help support you and your family in any way as you isolate.  Everyone is encouraged to stay current with their vaccinations and boosters. And please consider getting a flu shot this fall, as long as you’re at it.