In Person Worship

Sep 23, 2021 | COVID-19, News

The Congregation may meet in person inside the Sanctuary beginning Sunday, October 3. Before attending in person, please print, fill out and turn in (just once), a signed Safety Covenant for Covid-19. This is similar to and based on the Safety Covenant the Youth Group uses. Copies will be handed out during our last outdoor service this Sunday, September 26th, at the front entrance to the Sanctuary starting October 3rd or by request from the office.  Please keep a copy for your records.

  1. All attendees must be fully masked. Extra masks are available at the front door to the Sanctuary.
  2. All attendees are encouraged to sanitize their hands as entering the Sanctuary.
  3. Pews will be clearly marked in a zig-zag pattern to show open seating. There will be 3 feet of open space between bubbles of seating
  4. Families with children will be asked to sit in pews nearest the exits to the North parking lot. This will make it easier for the children to exit in that direction to their classes (the first 15 minutes of the service contains a “Moment for All Ages”).  This seating will also eliminate additional walking by other non-family members. Please note: We are creatures of habit and many of us sit in a particular pew or area every week. For now, the Deacons and Deaconess’ will direct us where to sit, which may not be in our “regular or favorite” pews. The D&Ds will help us follow the protocols of how many people may sit in each area by directing us to a particular pew.
  5. If we run out of space, there will be an overflow area in the John Murray room, or possibly Fellowship Hall, with the service projected via ZOOM.
  6. We may hum along quietly, but not sing, to the music if we are seated and distanced (reduces the spread of any particles).
  7. At the end of the service, all congregants are asked to exit through the doors on the North side into the parking lot so there is a one-way pattern of movement into and out of the Sanctuary.
  8. The services will be live-streamed, via ZOOM, for those not attending in-person.
  9. NO FOOD, COFFEE, or TEA will be served during October, but people may chat in the parking lots as they feel comfortable.
  10. Task Force will continue to follow the science for any changes in CDC guidance, state mandates and we will continue to follow the actions of our local school systems. The Task Force will meet again on October 20th to decide if any changes are needed and to make final recommendations to the Executive Board about our Holiday Fair.

We have all worked hard to make returning to the Sanctuary a safe experience and joyful experience so please, ENTER, REJOICE AND COME IN!


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