March Update to our Murray COVID-19 Protocol

Mar 11, 2022 | COVID-19, News

Russet Morrow, President

In March of 2020, we made the very difficult decision to close the church to keep everyone a little safer. Since then, we have gone through multiple stages – employees working from home, ZOOM meetings, social distancing, wearing masks even while working in the church gardens, vaccinations, boosters, feeling a little safer, more social distancing, new variants, more deaths, more social distancing, meeting outside for September services, more social distancing, gold ribbons blocking half the pews, required masking throughout our church, Murray Church purchasing N95 masks for all who wanted them during our indoor Sunday services.  It’s been quite a ride.  We’re not done but we’re a step closer to our new normal.

We have some long-awaited changes to our COVID-19 protocol as recommended and approved by the Executive Board.

  • Beginning this Sunday, March 13, mask wearing at Murray Church is certainly recommended, but no longer required. These recommendations also apply to our youth attending RE programs. If COVID comes back in force, we’ll revisit what needs to be done to protect the most vulnerable of us.  But for now –
  • We continue to recommend that those who are eligible, but not vaccinated, or those who feel less safe with these relaxed protocols, continue attending the Sunday church service via ZOOM;
  • Anyone not vaccinated and entering the building for deliveries, etc., is still required to wear a mask per CDC guidance;
  • Ventilation protocol for rooms during meetings or the Sunday service in the Sanctuary remains the same;
  • All our Church committees, including the Thrift Store as well as outside groups, may decide if they want to meet masked or not;
  • The Food Pantry leadership should implement this policy as they think will best keep their volunteers and clients safe;
  • Gold ribbons used to block off every other pew will be removed except for a few designated pews. Those wanting to preserve social distancing in a more strict manner may use these specially marked pews;
  • Upon Rev. Gretchen’s return, a greeting/receiving line is once again allowed. If Rev. Gretchen is wearing a mask, please put your mask on, too while you give her a hug.
  • Finally, with regards to food, food will be allowed during coffee hour but individual snacks, such as cupcakes vs cake slices, or cookies spread widely on platters are preferred.


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