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Mar 11, 2022 | News

You can help!

Photo of the front of church and signHistorically, emotionally and physically, the year 2021-2022 has been the most difficult year in a generation.  Our descendants and beneficiaries will look back to this time and study how society changed and the attendant stresses.

Murray Church has been a religious institution in Attleboro since 1875. We have been a sanctuary to our members as well as a service to our community.  A large and diverse population has relied on our church.

To look beyond ourselves is to acknowledge that we, as members of Murray Church, recognize the responsibility of supporting this institution through this difficult time, both for ourselves and for all the people who will follow. Our church represents the values and principles that we wish to preserve and pass on to future generations.  We should recognize our responsibility to ourselves, our community, and our descendants to maintain Murray Church as a healthy and vibrant institution.

Why Should I Pledge?

Murray Church is an independent, self-supporting church.  This means the majority of funding comes from donations the church receives from church members and friends.   Your pledge not only ensures the health of our church for years to come but also funds the projects planned for this year, including support for the Religious Educations Committee, completing the work on Fellowship Hall, installing a new roof over the classroom area, as well as supporting the Food Pantry, Green Sanctuary, Social Concerns, and the many support groups that use our church.

What is a Pledge?

A Pledge to Murray Church is a promise that you will donate a certain amount of money during the given church year.   A Pledge is different from putting money in the offering plate on Sundays because your pledge enables the Murray Executive Board to plan and budget the coming year.
How Does Murray Use Pledge Funding?
Our expenses fit into four main categories:
  • Staff Salaries: A full-time minister and four part-time staff, including Director of Lifespan Religious Education, Director of Music, Office Administrator and Contract Sexton.  Our staff has not had a raise in many years.
  • Programs: Child and Adult Educations, Music, Social Concerns and Outreach Programs.
  • Operating Expenses: Utilities and Supplies.
  • Building Maintenance and Repair.


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