Why are we here? What does love call us to do?

Rev. Gretchen Weis

We live in complex times. Competing viewpoints bark for our attention out of the digital daze. It is difficult to catch our breath at this going rate of change, let alone to pause, reflect and make sense of our lives. Our most cherished beliefs are constantly challenged by new information and differing values. The ground keeps shifting beneath our feet.

We ask big questions: Who are we, really? Why are we here? Why are we sentient? What is the nature of our innermost self? Do we have a soul? What happens when we die?  Does some part of us continue on? If so, how? And to what purpose? If there is a source of ultimate power and love, then why is there also so much pain and suffering in the world? How are we called to serve the larger world? What does love call us to do, right here, right now?

Our faith welcomes big questions! The church is the place where we explore our deepest wonderings with one another, as we identify and live into answers that are true for us. There are powerful loving, healing connections found in sharing beloved human community. We gain assurance and strength from knowing we are not alone, even through the most difficult times in our lives.  We find care, concern, and friendship.  We find belonging.  We find a platform to work for justice. We gather here to celebrate the gift of life, and the wonder, mystery, and awe of our deepest experiences. Here, we pause, reflect, and connect with that still small voice within. Here, we challenge one another to live deeply rich, authentic, meaningful, and loving lives.

Come, let us explore the big questions of living, together.

Church News and Updates

April 2, 2023

April 2, 2023

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