Sunday, June 5

May 30, 2022 | Sermons, Services, Worship

Being Faithful: What does it mean for UUs to live faithful lives?

I saw a sign, recently: “Jesus asks us to be faithful.” I couldn’t help but wonder, what does it mean for UUs to live faithful lives? Who or what asks us to be faithful? Faithful to what? And why? Perhaps we’re called to be faithful to our ethical values, principles, and ideals? Faithful to verifiable truth? Faithful to our search for truth and meaning? Faithful to our beliefs based on our lived experience of ultimate mystery, awe, and wonder? Faithful to the covenants/promises we make to ourselves, our loved ones, and to the larger community? Faithful to the greater good? Faithful to our stewardship of this one fragile planet we call home? What calls you to be faithful?

Worship is at 10 am Sunday mornings.
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