The Choice for Motherhood

On this Mother’s Day Sunday, let’s explore the roots of women’s reproductive rights, tracing back to pioneering feminist Margaret Sanger, who coined the term “birth control” and opened the first birth control clinics in the U.S. in 1916. An ardent feminist, Sanger worked as a nurse on the lower east side of New York focusing on sexual and women’s health issues. She came to see first-hand the economic hardships and suffering that came from unwanted pregnancies. Sanger was jailed multiple times throughout her career as she worked to bring women the reproductive tools they needed to control if and when they would choose to have children. Sanger was also involved in the controversial eugenics movement of the early 20th century, advocating the use of birth control as a way to reduce disease, mental illness and physical defects. While Sanger was affiliated with many of the leading Unitarians and Universalists of her day, it was unclear if she was a member of any congregation.

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