Sunday, May 15

May 9, 2022 | Sermons, Services, Worship

The Creep of Culture Wars: What Can We Do?

Nineteen states out of 50 have passed laws making it harder to vote. Florida, Oklahoma, Utah and Iowa all passed anti-LGBTQ legislation last month. Thirteen states have passed strict anti-abortion laws. Fourteen states passed laws last year to ban teachers from talking about racism and sexism in schools. More than a 1000 books have been banned in 86 school districts in 26 states across the United States recently. The front lines of our culture wars have now moved to the states, and the Supreme Court seems content, for now, to let the states take the lead. Think this is happening in only red states? Think again! School board fights over curriculum and teachings on racism has happened in Attleboro, and there is currently a proposal in Mansfield to forbid teachers from bringing up any topic that might be controversial or upsetting to students, from racism to sexism and gender identify. The culture wars are right here, right now in our own back yard. How should we respond?

Worship is at 10 am.

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