Sunday, November 27

Nov 21, 2022 | Sermons, Services, Worship

Gratitude and Grace

Our service on November 27th will reflect on what we are grateful for and why. During this time of year, we are often asked what we are grateful for, whether it’s around the table or during a celebration. We are thankful for our family. We are thankful for our homes. For our pets. For our friends. These are all wonderful things to be grateful for. We don’t always have an opportunity to say why we’re grateful for them. This is an interactive service. We look forward to seeing you there.

This service will be led by Heidi Ferreira, Sheila Jacobs and the Religious Services Committee.

Worship is at 10 am Sunday mornings. If you are eligible for the vaccine, but unvaccinated, or are not comfortable gathering in person at this time, please plan to log on to Zoom from the comfort and safety of your own home to be a part of our worship experience.


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