As our children and youth program breaks until Fall, I’m wishing you all a fun and safe summer. Last Sunday during the Moment for All Ages I introduced “Spark,” our new traveling chalice program. Spark, a squishmallow, (all the rage amongst kids these days) will take turns spending a week with each family this summer.

During your time with Spark, take pictures that spread our ideals of love, kindness, friendship, peace, and justice. When your week is up, return Spark to church, and send me your favorite pictures of Spark for posting in the Murray newsletter, Facebook, and website. Maybe Spark will go to the playground and you’ll ask someone new to play? Perhaps you’ll take Spark to a Pride Festival, enjoy some time in nature, or just breathe and enjoy the moment. Whatever you do with Spark, I can’t wait to hear all about it and see your pictures.  In this way, we’ll keep our flame of connection alive even though our classes will not meet over the summer. You are each a “spark” that can help spread the faith of Unitarian Universalism. May it be so.

If you haven’t signed up for a week with Spark, please email me (use the contact form below) to schedule your visit. Again, many wishes for a wonderful summer!